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PhyloCon: Phylogenetic Consensus.

MatAlign: Matrix Aligner.

PhyloNet: Phylogenetic Network.

UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser: Large scale cancer genomics.

Wash U Epigenome Visualization Hub (VizHub): Epigenome Roadmap Genome Browser.

Wash U Epigenome Browser: Go to Browser.

methylCRF: conditional random field based algorithm to predict genome-wide DNA methylation level at single CpG resolution.

M&M: an algorithm and R package to predict differentially methylatied regions by combining MeDIP-seq and MRE-seq data.

methylQA: a methylation sequencing data quality assessment tool.

EpiCompare: an online tool to define and explore genomic regions with tissue or cell type-specific epigenomic features.

DeepH&M: Simultaneous determination of single-CpG hydroxymethylation and methylation levels.

WashU Virus Genome Browser: Exploring the coronavirus pandemic with the WashU Virus Genome Browser.

indel_epi_landscape: pipeline and script for human-chimp sv affecting cis regulatory elements.


Wang Lab Wiki

Intermediate Methylation (IM) Regions: the IM regions in different tissues from human.

Vertebrate surface ectoderm and human skin: DNA Methylation Signatures of Embryonic Surface Ectoderm and Human Skin Cells.

DNA Methylation Dynamics of Zebrafish Early Development: DNA methylation dynamics of early development in zebrafish.

Human Cancer Epigenome: Human Cancer Epigenome project and hub.

Single Cell RNA Analysis of Zebrafish Fin Regeneration: Cellular diversity of the regenerating caudal fin.