Name Role in lab Duration Where they went
Renee Sears Renee Sears Graduate Student (HSG) 2014/08-2019/09 bioinformatician at PierianDx
Jessica Harrison Jessica Harrison Rotation Student (HSG) 2019/09-2019/11
Yonghao Liang Yonghao Liang (Holden!) Rotation Student (MGG) 2019/08-2019/11
Jeffery McMillian Jeffery McMillian Young Scientist Program (YSP) Student 2019/06-2019/10
Ruthy Mamo Ruthy Mamo Meharry Summer Research Program Medical Student 2019/05-2019/08
Samuel Chen Samuel Chen Summer Highschool Student 2019/05-2019/08
Ann Zhang Ann Zhang Summer Highschool Student 2019/05-2019/08
Justin Xu Justin Xu Summer Highschool Student 2019/05-2019/08
Jason Xu Jason Xu Summer Highschool Student 2019/05-2019/08
Vincent Xu Vincent Xu Summer Highschool Student 2019/05-2019/08
Geng Wang Geng Wang Rotation Student 2019/06-2019/06
Xinxin Wang Xinxin Wang Rotation Student 2019/02-2019/05
Aiyana Riddihough Aiyana Riddihough Undergraduate Student 2017/09-2019/04
Wenwei Liao Wenwei Liao Rotation Student 2019/01-2019/04
Benjamin Katz Benjamin Katz Rotation Student 2018/06-2018/09
Julia Wang Julia Wang Rotation Student 2018/06-2018/09
Silas Hsu Silas Hsu Software Engineer 2017/05-2018/08 UIUC
Haoyue Xue Haoyue Xue Research Assistant 2017/09-2018/01
David Ayeke David Ayeke Part-Time programmer 2018/06-2018/07 Pizza Hut
Yize Li Yize Li Rotation Student (HSG) 2018/02-2018/05 Ding lab
Zea Zhu Zea Zhu Research Specialist 06/2017-04/2018 U of Wisconsin Madison
Lucas Thomas Lucas Thomas Rotation Medical Student 10/2017-04/2018 WashU Medical School
Ryan Friedman Ryan Friedman Rotation Student (CSB) 11/2017-02/2018 Kristen Naegle Lab
Paula Godoy Paula Godoy Rotation Student (CSB) 11/2017-02/2018 Charles Kaufman Lab
Cheng Lyu Cheng Lyu Part time research assistant 11/2016-02/2018 Bioinformatician at Bo Zhang Lab
Kyle Burbach Kyle Burbach Rotation Student (MGG) 10/2017-12/2017 Andrew Yoo lab
Ananda Datta Ananda Datta Postdoc 10/2016-05/2017 Monsanto
Mikayla Choi Mikayla Choi Biochemistry Undergraduate Student (WashU) 9/2015-05/2017 Yonsei medical school
Erika Schumacher Erika Schumacher Rotation student (EEPB) 01/2017-05/2017 Costa Rica
Jonathan Spalding Jonathan Spalding Rotation student (Developmental Biology) 08/2016-02/2017 Steve Johnson lab
Vasavi Sundaram Vasavi Sundaram (PhD, 2016) Graduate Student (Computational and Systems Biology) 05/2011-03/2017 EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD) fellow, in Duncan Odom and Paul Flicek labs
Rebecca Lowdon Rebecca Lowdon (PhD, 2016) Graduate Student (Molecular Genetics and Genomics) 06/2012-09/2016 Monsanto, Data Scientist in the Emerging Leaders in Science program
Nicole Rockweiler Nicole Rockweiler Graduate student (Computational and Systems Biology) 10/2014-9/2016 Don Conrad lab
Daniel Cui Daniel Cui Rotation student (CSB) 7/2016-9/2016 Barak Cohen lab
Eileen Chen Eileen Chen Summer Medical Student 03/2016-07/2016 WashU Med School
Justin Chen Justin Chen Summer student 07/2015-08/2015
Columbia University
Julia Altman Julia Altman Summer Student 6/2016-7/2016 South Carolina Governor's School
Abbie Bowman Abbie Bowman Summer Student 6/2016-7/2016 South Carolina Governor's School
Juan Macias Juan Macias Rotation Student (CSB) 4/2016-6/2016 Lawson Lab
Junchen Gu Junchen Gu (PhD, 2015) Graduate Student 05/2010-05/2016 UST
Chengran Yang Chengran Yang Rotation Student (HSG) 11/2015-02/2016 Don Conrad lab
Aldrin Yim Aldrin Yim Rotation Student (CSB) 11/2015-02/2016 Jeff Milbrandt lab
Ivy Chen Ivy Chen Summer intern 07/2015-09/2015 Beijing University of Chemical Technology
GiNell Elliott GiNell Elliott (PhD 2015) Graduate Student (Computational and Systems Biology, joint with Gary Stormo) 12/2010-07/2015 Novartis, Boston
Diana Jiang Diana Jiang Summer Medical Student 07/2015-08/2015 Wash U Medical School
Tammy Ray Tammy Ray Summer student 07/2015-08/2015 South Carolina Governor's School
Asia M. Paguntalan Asia M. Paguntalan Summer student 07/2015-08/2015 South Carolina Governor's School
David Zhang David Zhang Summer Undergraduate Student (Wash U) 07/2015-08/2015
Wash U
Wint Yan Aung Wint Yan (Arthur) Aung Master student (Biostatistics) 09/2014-07/2015 Wash U
Nicholas Jacobs Nicholas Jacobs Rotation student 02/2015-05/2015 Zack Pincus lab
Bo Zhang Bo Zhang Postdoc 07/2011-04/2015 Research Assistant Professor at Department of Developmental Biology, Center of Regenerative Medicine, WUSTL
Lin Wang Lin Wang Undergraduate student (Washington University) 09/2014-03/2015 Gaduate student at Columbia
Jia Zhou Jia Zhou (PhD 2014) Gradudate Student (Human Statistical Genetics) 01/2012-02/2015 bioinformatician at PierianDx
Xin Zhou Xin Zhou Postdoc/Instructor 05/2010-12/2014 St. Jude Children's hospital
Jing Li Jing Li Exchange Student (Shanghai International Joint Cancer Institute, Second Military Medial University) 11/2013-11/2014 Shanghai International Joint Cancer Institute
Manishi Pandey Manishi Pandey Comp Bio rotation student 05/2014-07/2014 Stormo lab
Michael Stevens Michael Stevens (PhD 2014) Graduate student (Computer science) 04/2011-05/2014 University of Liverpool
Duc Ngo Duc Ngo Summer student. Young Scientist Program (YSP) 06/2014-07/2014
Methma Udawatta Methma Udawatta Undergraduate (Amgen Scholar) 05/2014-06/2014 Brown University
Kenzie Foster Kenzie Foster Summer student 06/2014-07/2014 South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Ronnie Fowle-Grider Ronnie Fowle-Grider Rotation student, MSTP 03/2013-08/2013 Gary Patty's lab
Peter Edge Peter Edge BioMedRAP summer student 05/2013-07/2013 University of Minnesota
Mingchao Xie Mingchao Xie Research analyst 08/2010-06/2012 Ding lab
Madeline Keleher Madeline Keleher Rotation Student (Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology) 01/2012-03/2012 Cheverud lab
Taylor Southwick Taylor Southwick Rotation Student (Computational and Systems Biology) 11/2011-01/2012 Microsoft
Zane Goodwin Zane Goodwin Rotation Student (Computational and Systems Biology) 08/2011-10/2011 de Guzman Strong lab
Brett Maricque Brett Maricque Graduate Student (Computational and Systems Biology)
NSF Predoctoral Fellow
05/2011-05/2012 Cohen lab
Jessie Wang Jiexun (Jessie) Wang Postdoc, R25 fellow 02/2011-02/2012
Ava Hughes Ava Hughes Young Scientist Program (YSP) 06/2011-07/2011
Michael Mahowald Michael Mahowald Postdoc, W.M.Keck fellow 06/2010-06/2011 Harvard pathology
Sravya Tamma Sravya Tamma Programmer/student intern 08/2010-10/2010 R&D systems as a bioinformatician
Ashley Quiggle Ashley Quiggle Rotation Student (Molecular Genetics and Genomics) 11/2010-01/2011 de Guzman Strong lab
Ruteja Barve Ruteja Barve Rotation Student (Human and Statistical Genetics) 08/2010-10/2010 Gu lab
Yuan Zhang Yuan Zhang Rotation Student (Computer Science) 11/2010-01/2011 Weixiong Zhang's lab
Gaurav Singhal Gaurav Singha Rotation Student (Computational and Systems Biology) 04/2010-06/2010
David Russo David Russo Undergraduate student (from Pacific Lutheran University, Neva Laurie-Berry lab) 06/2010-08/2010 Colorado State University
Kevin Forsberg Kevin Forsberg Rotation Student 04/2010-06/2010 Dantas lab
Chris Fiore Chris Fiore Rotation Student 03/2010-06/2010 Cohen lab